Don't struggle with technology! Let us make Technology work for you, So that you can focus on getting things done.
We are a team of young people from various facets of the IT industry. We have diverse experience ranging from basic computer assembly to large network implementations. This has been achieved through skill of integration and implementation with you the very best in the industry

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to make work profitable and enjoyable. We believe that no business or organization can be effective if the people are not properly motivated.


Because of the increasing amount of products available and the growth and ever changing environment of the hi-tech industry, the staff of Suntech Group is continually educating themselves so that they are knowledgeable about the latest technologies.


We not only offer equipments, we offer solutions that grow with your business. Suntech Group is a company that puts the customer first. After all isn't that the way it's supposed to be? we can furnish you with a list of satisfied customers.


Equipped with the ability to satisfy our customers in every field of IT, we provide the best quality of reliable service. We consciously seek to build long term relationship with our clients because we cherish & strongly believe in long term relationships. Today, we strive ahead with confidence to reach and stay at the top through commitment and excellence on our work. Our aim is to become of the top today and always with the satisfaction of customers

Suntech Group has been a Managed Solution Provider (MSP) to hundreds of businesses. These business range from single workstations to multiple locations with multiple servers using Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Virtual Private Networks (VAN). Suntech Group is specialized in the sales ans support of business solutions by using latest technologies available today. We have experience helping businesses just like yours.

Our business will only succeed if we have satisfied customers who tell other potential customers how good we are. We want glowing testimonials from our customers. We believe the motivation of your people will give you competitive advantage in keeping with the Simple way.










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